Jun 17, 2014


May and December! What a smart idiom it is!
Who start it?? And is it common word??
If he is a December man, he could be a Santa Cruz!!

【4koma】Gay and World Cup

World Cup!!
I don't like watching sports(except figure skating...),
so I'm not so exited...(lol)
I think gay people tend to like arts or indoor something, more than sports...
Is it true? Or wrong impression?
And is it the same among other country's gay people?

Jun 14, 2014

【4koma】SALT & SUGAR

I don't like Salty taste, actually it's not good for my kidney...
you know, Japanese food have many salty taste, like soy sauce, 
miso, "oshinko"Japanese pickles, etc...
I think low salt food make my partner live longer!!

【4koma】IDEAL SON

My partner & I meet up with my parents for a dinner regularly, 
to keep them happy. 
But my partner tries a bit TOO hard by deliberately 
compliment me on everything. 
As if I'm the perfect one,
I feel so embarrassed & exhausted by the end.
I bet some straight couples do the same, 
when they see their parents in law.

【4koma】PARADE No.4

There were many booths about LGBT at the Tokyo Rainbow Pride.
That is another fun of the parade!!
In the UK embassy's booth, they were presenting interesting project,
that was gathering pictures to make one photo collage.
We had to put the original seal on own body, for the photo.
The seal is really cute, just like below.
and the result is...you can check this website.
you know, it's TOO small....
Aikata & I will go to London, in the end of this month,
we are really looking forward to it, 
and that's why I started this English writing blog!
see you^^

【4koma】PARADE No.3

"BUSU" means ugly women directly,
but it is sometimes used as lovely meaning
among Japanese gay people(maybe)...
one of the floats of Tokyo rainbow parade was
the "BUSU" party car, and that's concept was "enjoy the BUSU!"
I liked that concept!
but actually the people along the float were not ugly at all...!


【4koma】PARADE No.2

When I went to the pride parade first time, 
I was really glad to see many LGBT people 
and it make me so surprised and excited...
Time passed...now I don't feel that kind of emotion in the parade, 
just relaxed happy, that's not bad, though!
to be continued... 

【4koma】PARADE No.1

sorry my direct translation...
I went to watch the Tokyo rainbow pride last month!!
then I appealed my this blog to new people!!
here is the name card!! 
the title is correct English? 
please tell me if you can translate more nicer...

【4koma】English No.2

e-books reader "KOBO" have a lot of gay free novels!!
you can check HERE the result of the searching!!
to be continued...!

【4koma】English No.1

so I will start to upload 4-koma comics in English !
hope you can understand it, and connect the English speaking people!!
please tell the correct English if you find a big mistake...
To be continued...♪