Jun 17, 2014


May and December! What a smart idiom it is!
Who start it?? And is it common word??
If he is a December man, he could be a Santa Cruz!!


  1. Ahahaha. May and December gay couple! It is nice expression for your guys. And Cammy-san, this 4 koma has good logical development(起承転結) Of course your manga always has it but I like the punch line in this so funny! A…Sorry for my impudence. (^^;)
    And you changed the title. It is nice! You use the word “simple” I am glad to see it. Sounds good!

  2. Hi Haru-san!!! It's nice and smart expression, isn't it?
    I'm really glad you like the punch line of this 4 koma!!
    ("punch line" is OCHI in Japanese? I didn't know that expression!)
    and yes, I changed the title, you know ,"simple" life is your idea!!
    I like it very much, thank you♪